Rudedog Retros Kernal Switcher


Commodore 64 / VIC-20 kernal switcher.

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We are pleased to announce our new product – the Commodore 64 / VIC-20 kernal switcher.

This small PCB fits into the C64 or VIC-20 Kernal ROM socket and with 2 wires attached to one of the VIA chips, will allow you to use the RESTORE key on power up to select one of two different Kernal ROMS.

You could use this in conjunction with our SD2IEC boards to allow you to use JiffyDOS to speedup SD access by a huge amount – or if you want to use tapes to load software, you can switch back to the stock Kernal.  You need to do this as JiffyDOS disables the ability to use the datasette to load software from cassette as it removes the routines in the stock Kernal to make space for some of the extra JiffyDOS code.

The PCB will come prebuilt with the appropriate headers that will allow it to be fitted into the C64/VIC-20 ROM socket.  If your C64 or VIC-20 has the ROM soldered into the motherboard, you will need to desolder it first and solder a socket into the motherboard.

You can also choose to have the EEPROM supplied and programmed with the kernals of your own choice (or supply and burn your own).  Please email before purchasing for additional costs (supplying and burning the EEPROM).

JiffyDos can be purchased here: RetroInnovations

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Weight 0.2 kg
Dimensions 21 × 15 × 2 cm

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