Rudedog Retros Internal SD2IEC (Breadbin Cases)


SD2IEC board for Commodore 64/16 and Plus/4 computers.

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Were pleased to announce our newly arrived SD2IEC board for Commodore 64/16 and Plus/4 computers.  PCB designed by us, It can be mounted internally inside the C64/16 and with a bit of effort, also the Plus/4.

You can also use JiffyDOS to speed up the SD2IEC by a huge factor if you purchase or burn you own EPROM and replace the kernal ROM inside your C16/64 or Plus/4.  JiffyDos can be purchased here: RetroInnovations

We also have a Kernal Switcher PCB that we have designed that can be fitted into a C64 Breadbin or a VIC-20 that will allow you to switch between two different kernals (Stock C64 or VIC-20 and JiffyDOS for example).  This can be found for sale HERE.

This is for a fully built version with the unit already programmed ready for you to make up your own MicroSD card full of software.

Our SD2IEC has a bank of switches that can be used to change the device number from 8/9 and 10/11.  You can also write protect the MicroSD card and turn off/on MicroSD card detection.

Please be aware that we build these to order at the moment, so it will normally be shipped within 2 working days.  They are all fully tested before dispatch

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