Upgraded Sinclair Spectrum 48K Rubber Keys with ZX power supply


Thanks for looking at our Sinclair Spectrum 48K computer – Upgraded to work with new tv’s and comes with an original Sinclair PSU.

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Sinclair Spectrum 48K with rubber keys and video output upgraded.  Comes with ZX power supply.

We have completed the following work:RDR Spectrum 48k - 001-052148-IMG_3215

  • Changed the RF output for a composite video modification so that it will work on all modern TV’s through their AV Video phono connector.
  • Checked and replaced any electrolytic capacitors that were bad – in this case a full re-cap.
  • Lower RAM caps replaced with 1uF to improve video output.
  • 1 lower RAM chip socketed and replaced.
  • TR4 and TR5 replaced, D15, D11 and R55 replaced.
  • IC16 to IC25 replaced.
  • Resoldered crystal oscilator.
  • Cleaned the cases inside and out.
  • Fully tested the Spectrum with diagnostics for a few hours to make sure RAM was working well. All tests passed.
  • Tested it playing games.
  • Tested every key to make sure the keyboard works.
  • Tested the electrolytic capacitor in the ZX power supply and fully tested its output.

RDR Spectrum 48k - 001-052148-IMG_3217Serial Number: 001-052148

This is a genuinely nice, clean ZX Spectrum that has been refurbished well so that it will serve a good number more years to come.

Any questions please get in touch!

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Weight 2 kg
Dimensions 45 × 35 × 16 cm

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