Sinclair ZX-81 Refurbish and Video Upgrade

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ZX-81 Refurbish, replace regulator, electrolytic capacitors and upgrade video output to work on newer televisions with composite video.

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Buy this item to have your ZX-81 brought into the 21st century and allow it to work on all new TV’s through the AV socket.  We will replace the insides of the RF modulator with a new PCB that will clean up, amplify and generate the back porch signal which will give you a nice, rock steady picture from your ZX-81 on a current TV.  Because we reuse the original RF socket on the side of your ZX-81, there’s no need to modify the case at all, keeping your ZX-81 looking like it was designed!

We will also replace the old 7805 voltage regulator for a new, modern 7805.  This will prolong the life of your little ’81.

We will also replace all of the electrolytic capacitors with new aluminium, good quality capacitors.

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Dimensions 29 × 24 × 9 cm

6 reviews for Sinclair ZX-81 Refurbish and Video Upgrade

  1. Simon

    I ordered the ZX-81 refurb and video upgrade recently, and also had some extra memory installed. Mark did a brilliant job as usual, and gave me a detailed breakdown of the work done when complete. Really fast turnaround too. Highly recommended! 😀

    • RudeDogRetros (store manager)

      Thanks for the very kind words Simon! It’s much appreciated!

  2. Christian Lewis (verified owner)

    By far the smart choice when it comes to looking for a refurb and/or mod. Mark did a fantastic job of bringing my tired ZX81 into the modern age – plus I’ve never met a more helpful, clearly enthusiastic and communicative guy in this business. I’m definitely doing business again.

    • RudeDogRetros (store manager)

      Thanks Christian! It was a pleasure speaking with you and doing the work on your ZX81 🙂

  3. saehawk17

    Excellent job on my ZX81 now working beautifully on my Samsung LCD TV. Communications and advice from Mark was top notch can’t recommend highly enough.

  4. Steve Whatley

    I dug up my ZX81 in the loft for the first time in years and it didn’t work. I decided to get a refurb as I’ve heard that some components don’t age well (like the capacitors). Mark found the problem, did the refurb, and posted it back on the day it arrived! He kept me fully informed by phone and email. He comes across as polite, knowledgeable and a nice guy. The cost of the refurb was reasonable too. Very happy. Thanks, Mark.

    • RudeDogRetros (store manager)

      Thanks for the very kind words Steve – it was a pleasure working on your ’81!

  5. Mike (verified owner)

    Great service from Mark at Rudedog Retros. My ZX81 with the video upgrade and refurbishment was returned very quickly and I can now use it with any TV with a yellow composite socket. Mark was very quick and helpful in replying to my email enquiries.

    • RudeDogRetros (store manager)

      Thanks for your kind words Mike! It was a pleasure sorting out your lovely little ZX81!

  6. Matt (verified owner)

    Mark has done an excellent job of upgrading my 81. The enthusiasm Mark has for all retro computers really shows in the quality of his work and I would highly recommend Rude Dog Retros for all your upgrade needs.

    • rudedogretros (store manager)

      Thanks for the kind words, Matt! I’m really glad that you’re happy with your ’81!

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