Sinclair ZX-81 Refurbish and Video Upgrade


ZX-81 Refurbish, replace regulator, electrolytic capacitors and upgrade video output to work on newer televisions with composite video.

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Buy this item to have your ZX-81 brought into the 21st century and allow it to work on all new TV’s through the AV socket.  We will replace the insides of the RF modulator with a new PCB that will clean up, amplify and generate the back porch signal which will give you a nice, rock steady picture from your ZX-81 on a current TV.  Because we reuse the original RF socket on the side of your ZX-81, there’s no need to modify the case at all, keeping your ZX-81 looking like it was designed!

We will also replace the old 7805 voltage regulator for a new DC-DC converter which will do away with the bulky heatsink inside the ZX-81, giving it clean 5v power to the chips inside.  This will prolong the life of its internal chips and make your ’81 run much cooler and require less power.

We will also replace all of the electrolytic capacitors with new aluminium, good quality capacitors.

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