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Sinclair ZX Spectrum 48k


Refurbished ZX Spectrum 48k machine, cleaned, working.

Sold out!

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Refurbished ZX Spectrum 48k machine

We have completed the following work to refurbish this lovely machine

  • All electrolytic capacitors have been changed for new, good quality aluminium types.
  • A DC-DC converter has replaced the old 7805 5volt regulator.  Allows us to remove the big heatsink and everything now runs much cooler.
  • New DC input jack.
  • New DIL heatsink applied to the ULA to keep it cool.
  • Single transistor composite video modification.  Turns the RF modulator output into a video out to allow you to connect the Spectrum to the video input of a modern TV and get a great picture.
  • Insides and outsides completely cleaned

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