MB Vectrex console repair or refurbish

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Milton Bradley Vectrex console repair or refurbish.

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We can carry out repairs on you MB Vectrex Console.  We have spares in stock for these consoles.  We also carry out a refurb service on them – replacing the capacitors on the power and CPU boards.

We deal with common problems like black screen, no power and screen vector issues.

Please contact us on purchase@rudedogretros.co.uk to discuss and get a free estimate.

9 reviews for MB Vectrex console repair or refurbish

  1. John Szczepaniak

    If you’ve ended up at this page reading reviews, you’re probably panicking a little bit, since you’ve likely got a broken or faulty Vectrex and you’re wondering how it can possibly be fixed. Given their enormous aftermarket value and prized status among collectors, I felt that anxiety too. My own Vectrex worked perfectly, for a time, but then the lines starting skewing, and eventually it just didn’t work at all. Cue my searching fan communities, forums, and online looking for a repair place.

    Several suggested a home repair, since it was likely the caps – I’ve done console mods before, but as stated… Given the value of a Vectrex (upwards of £300), I didn’t want to risk it. This wasn’t a £50 Mega Drive. It’s practically an antique at this stage.

    I messaged a few people, but Rude Dog Retros seemed the most prominent – a quick email resulted in a phone call and chat about the problem. Mark took the time to walk through scenarios and possibilities in an easy to understand way. Which I appreciated – it helped fill in gaps in my own knowledge. He also gave good advice on packaging it securely for transit.

    Ultimately I decided, if you’re going to get a Vectrex repaired, you go all the way. I requested he diagnose the problem, replace all the caps, clean it, and add a debuzz kit. Once received it took a while, and the crystal oscillator needed replacing too, but Mark kept me informed throughout the process, discussing my needs, and getting approval before carrying out work. He was upfront with costs, which I appreciated, and the final price was clearly itemised and well worth it to future proof the system. In the unlikely event I ever sell this little vector jewel, I can show prospective buyers the invoice, and reassure them it was fully refurbished by professionals.

    It took a couple of months to get the replacement caps and to diagnose the faulty oscillator, but I am grateful for Marks’ diligence. This Vectrex is the centre piece of a large collection, and I wanted it working right, not rushed through. I was sent photos and video footage as it was repaired, and it’s evident that Rude Dog Retros works thoroughly and efficiently. The sense of professionalism and pride in their services is something rarely seen today. So much so, that I will be sending all future repair work their way! (I have a CDI which needs a new timekeeper chip, which Mark will be receiving soon.)

    I now have a working and pristine Vectrex, better than it ever was before!

    Finally, if you’re wondering how reliable this review is, if you’re a retro game enthusiast you may recognise my name from the various retro publications I write for. I’m a collector, historian, and archivist, and I stand by my honest appraisal of Rude Dog Retros services.

    • RudeDogRetros (store manager)

      Thank you for your very comprehensive and kind review John. It was a bit of a headscratcher, your Vectrex – what with all of the voltage issues, broken VIA’s etc. but we got her sorted out in the end! It really did turn out to be a lovely Vectrex in the end and was certainly a fun project to work on for you. Really happy how she turned out!

  2. John Spencer

    Superb experience all round. This is my second Vectrex that Rudedog Retros have brought back to life. The communication with Mark is excellent and the work carried out is exceptional. Highly recommend.

    • RudeDogRetros (store manager)

      Thanks once more for trusting us with another Vectrex. Always a pleasure working on your machines and chatting with you John!

  3. Simon

    Mark repaired and refurbished my Vectrex and I couldn’t be happier with the results! Mark kept me up to date with progress and options, and gave a very detailed breakdown of the repair at the end. Highly recommended! 🙂

    • RudeDogRetros (store manager)

      Thanks for the very kind review Simon! It was fantastic working on your Vectrex – have fun playing!

  4. John Spencer

    Fantastic company to deal with. I have been looking for years for a way of getting my vectrex repaired. Found RudeDog Retros and they managed to bring my vectrex back to life. Amazing job, superb communication and all in all a 10/10 company. Many thanks.

    • RudeDogRetros (store manager)

      Hi John,

      Thanks for the review, it’s really appreciated! I enjoyed working on your Vectrex immensely!
      Thanks again for your business.

  5. Steve

    I had my Vectrex repaired after being in the cupboard for years.
    Great service and great to have it back many thanks would definitely recommend.

    • RudeDogRetros (store manager)

      Thanks for the recommendation Steve, it was a pleasure working on your Vectrex. I hope you have many more years of playing cool games on her!

  6. Alex C

    First up, it was a pleasure to deal with Mark, who kept me informed about what to expect in terms of a fix for my Vectrex and pricing. My unit is now running smoothly after its Rude Dog MoT, so hopefully I can look forward to playing Mine Storm for many years! Needless to say, I’d recommend Mark for a Vectrex repair or refurbish.

    • rudedogretros (store manager)

      Alex, thank you for you kind words! It’s been my pleasure to get to know you and your Vectrex console. I’m stoked that you are happy!

  7. Christian

    Had my Vectrex fixed by Mark at Rude Dog Retro’s and what Mark doesn’t know about Vectrexs isn’t worth knowing. He’s carefully and diligently fixed every issue my beloved machine had. Even the buzz has been fixed, it’s as good as new. If you have one of these machines and you want it fixed by experts then go to Rude Dog retros. They won’t let you down.

    • rudedogretros (store manager)

      Thanks for your very kind words Christian! I’m glad that you’re happy with your Vectrex refurb/repair. It was a pleasure to bring your machine back to life again!

  8. Phil

    Excellent job of fixing my poorly vectrex (the vectors were all over the place). Now works great and a better picture than ever before.
    Kept me updated regularly with progress and a very fair price at the end!

    • rudedogretros (store manager)

      Hi Phil,

      Thank you for your kind words! I’m glad that you’re happy with your Vectrex – and I hope you have fun playing with it 🙂

  9. David Dowling

    Great communication and service. My Vectrex is now up and running and good to go for another 40 years…thank you

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