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Refurbished Sinclair ZX Spectrum +2 (Grey) with PSU and games


Serial Number: U266438

Board: 0500 ISS3 AMSTRAD

Games: Computer Scrabble (boxed), Chess Tutor 1 (boxed), Soft and Cuddly, Airwolf, Crash Apr90 games cassette, Stagecoach games cassette

Sold out!


Thanks for looking at our listing for this ZXSpectrum +2 (Grey)  computer.

Serial Number: U266438

Board: 0500 ISS3 AMSTRAD

RDR Spectrum +2 Grey - U266438-IMG_3609We have carried out the following work:

  • Replaced 6 RAM CHIPS
  • Replaced all capacitors on the cassette PCB
  • Replaced both cassette belts (AVBELT107 large belt and AV74 small belt)
  • Tested Z-80, ULA, ROM
  • Re-aligned and cleaned cassette heads
  • Replaced power socket
  • Fixed springs under the comma and down arrow keys – keyboard tested
  • Cassette loading tested – GOOD

RDR Spectrum +2 Grey - U266438-IMG_3619This case has a few marks (see the pictures), but works beautifully.  It’s missing one case screw (see pictures) as the casing on the inside has broken off.

We’ve added 6 games to this bundle though they are all untested.

Thank for stopping by and having a look.

Condition is Seller refurbished.

Any questions please contact us!

Additional information

Weight 3 kg
Dimensions 66 × 25 × 36 cm

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