Oric Computer Refurbish and Repair Service

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Oric 1 and Oric Atmos computer repair or refurbish.

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We can offer a repair or refurbishment service on your Oric 1 and Oric Atmos computers.  We have spares in stock for these computers including the Oric ULA (Uncommitted Logic Array).

If you want a repair, or simply want us to refurbish (replace the capacitors etc. and inspect / replace chip sockets) then please contact us on purchase@rudedogretros.co.uk to discuss and get a free estimate.

1 review for Oric Computer Refurbish and Repair Service

  1. Ian

    I have been sending repairs to Mark since 2019, and he has repaired all my failed Acorn Electrons, often undertaking intricate repairs to ULA sockets.

    More recently, I sent him 3 malfunctioning Oric Atmos computers, all with screen snow and not booting to the welcome screen.

    What followed was truly amazing as he spent much dedicated time and (continuous) effort in fault-finding, diagnosing and repairing all 3 computers, in addition to outlining the faults in regular e-mails.

    I have to remark that his services are truly exemplary and very professional, often involving painstakingly testing continuity of tracks, removing corroded sockets and RAM, replacing obscure and redundant parts and soak-testing systems to factory-release standards of reliability.

    All 3 Atmos’s work now, and they will certainly last another 50 years! The boards seem as though they have just been wave-soldered, clean, with no corrosion or dry joints.

    Mark even programmed some MaxDuinos for me (which he also sells), flashed with the latest firmware and included some software and cables to get me going. These were so inexpensive, but a good way to obtain software without tapes etc.

    His prices are very reasonable and I would highly recommend his services to all enthusiasts and collectors who might be struggling to get their vintage computers booted, or computers that have suddenly decided to fail!

    One thing that is for sure – static computers on shelves or on display are no fun, we all need bleeps, bells, whistles and BASIC code to re-launch us back to the glorious 80s!

    Thank you Mark!


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