Sinclair ZX Spectrum Mods


ZX Spectrum 16 / 48k Computer replace electrolytic capacitors and composite video modification


Replace Electrolytic Capacitors and Composite Video Modification for your ZX Spectrum 16 / 48k computer.

The composite video modification will use a PCB which will fit inside the RF modulator on the Spectrum’s motherboard which will allow you to continue using the same RF output socket.  You will connect this to the video input on your television.  The PCB has been designed to clean the signal and amplify it and produces a fantastic, bright picture.  Jailbars (vertical lines on the screen) after the modification may be more prominent.  We can make these better by changing some extra ceramic capacitors for an additional cost of £5.00.

Parts are included in the price and return shipping will be added to the final price once the repair is complete. You will need to post the item to us.

Pictures are for illustration only, but good quality capacitors are used.

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