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Spectrum +2 Grey – BOXED with Power Supply


Board: 0500 AMSTRAD

Sold out!


Thanks for looking at our listing for this Boxed ZX Spectrum +2 (Grey) computer.

RDR-Spectrum+2 Grey-boxed-20230116_163127We have carried out the following work:

  • Replaced the +5 volt regulator with a 2 amp 78S05 voltage regulator with new thermal compound
  • Replaced all of the electrolytic capacitors on the motherboard. Voltages are all now around 5.01-5.03v
  • Audio mod for AY soundchip audio output – replaced R37 with a 3k resistor
  • Audio mod for RF audio output – replaced R38 with a 5.6k resistor
  • From the factory the +2’s had 3 transistors the wrong way round, this has now been rectified
  • Replaced the capacitors inside the power supply and tested
  • Cleaned the cases inside and out
  • Serviced the cassette deck – new belts, fixed the pause spring as it was rubbing on the flywheel, clean and lubricate and recapped the whole cassette board
  • Genuine Spectrum +2 PSU recapped

RDR-Spectrum+2 Grey-boxed-SN_U238265-IMG_4306This 128k +2 machine is in really nice condition.  It’s been kept in its box most of its life when not in use.  The box is in good condition (see pictures).

The RAM has been tested for 2 hours using a diagnostic ROM.  Tape loading has also been tested using several original tape games.  Saving to cassette has also been tested and works fine.  All in all this is a nice machine with a great picture output.

It comes with 6 cassettes.  The Popeye cassette has been tested and played (see pictures), the other 5 have not been tested.

This case has a few marks (see the pictures), but works beautifully.

Thank for stopping by and having a look.

Condition is Seller refurbished.

Any questions please contact us!

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Weight 5.5 kg
Dimensions 66 × 25 × 36 cm

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