Boxed Sinclair ZX Spectrum Plus 48K, upgraded and with an original Sinclair PSU – lower serial number!


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Thanks for looking at our Sinclair ZX Spectrum + 48k computer with PSU, upgraded with composite video modification to work on modern TV’s.  Low serial number!

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Thanks for looking at our listing for this Boxed Sinclair ZX Spectrum + 48k.

RDR Spectrum + - S01-009710-IMG_3044Low serial number: S01-009710

This really is another nice Spectrum + that we are selling from our collection of retro computers.

We have completed the following work:

  • Full composite mod done. This uses a PCB that replaces the insides of the RF modulator so that you can now use the RF phono output and connect it to you TV AV input.
  • Tested the reset switch to ensure working.
  • Replaced all capacitors.
  • Checked and replaced any transistors that were bad.
  • Socketed and replaced 3 lower RAM chips and replaced the 4 capacitors below the lower RAM with 105’s
  • Fully cleaned all the cases inside and out.
  • Removed the keys, cleaned them and then refitted them.
  • New keyboard membrane fitted – all keys work now!
  • Fully tested the Spectrum with diagnostic card for a few hours to make sure RAM was working well. All tests passed.
  • Tested it playing games.
  • It comes with an original Sinclair power supply (capacitors replaced).

RDR Spectrum + - S01-009710-IMG_3045We have run a diagnostic card on it which reported everything was fine, and showed that the keyboard was working fully.  Even played Manic Miner on it!

Serial Number: S01-009710

Comes in original box with polys, audio cable and Spectrum + User Guide.  The polys are in good condition but there is some wear and tear on the box as you can see from the pictures.

This is a genuinely nice, clean Sinclair ZX Spectrum Plus 48k.

Any questions please get in touch!

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Weight 2.5 kg
Dimensions 80 × 40 × 30 cm

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