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Atari 800XL with Internal SDrive Max fitted and PSU


This is now a really nice Atari 800XL with Internal SDrive Max fitted, very clean and refurbished, ready for you to get your retro on and play some cool Atari games!

Sold out!

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Thanks for looking at a very nice and clean looking Atari 800XL.

Atari 800XL with Internal SD and PSU-SN00619_493-20230406_173934

The one has a quite low serial number:

Serial 83A HU 00619 493
Atari Wong factory (Hong Kong), Serial 00619 (very low serial by the looks of it!), From the 49th week of 1983

From Decoding Atari 800 serials numbers website.

Work carried out:

  1. Replaced all electrolytic capacitors with good, new aluminium types.
  2. Replaced OS ROM with the high speed SIO patched ROM and applied mods necessary for high speed SIO.
  3. Keyboard has been disassembled and all the keys etc. cleaned and reassembled.
  4. Cases have been cleaned inside and out.
  5. Motherboard cleaned with IPA to remove dust etc.

One of the nice features of this Atari 800XL is that every chip on the motherboard is in a socket – this means that it will be a breeze to repair if anything ever happens to it.  Simply replace the chips with no soldering required!

Atari 800XL with Internal SD and PSU-SN00619_493-20230406_173952We’ve fitted an Internal SDrive Simple II SD card board which sits atop the SIO connector. We’ve fitted the SD card such that it sits above the SIO connector for easy removal.

Comes with original PSU which produces very stable voltage, and works flawlessly.

The case and keyboard are very clean.

The old tin RF shielding inside the machine has been removed. It was very rusty, and would not fit with the SDRive internal board fitted. The RF Shield is not needed.

The SDrive will not interfere with other peripherals like tape or disk drives.  To disable the SDrive, simply remove the SD card. It will be supplied with a 4GB SD card containing a bunch of freely available games from the Internet. If you want to add more, simply pop the SD card into your PC and drag and drop the XEX files onto the SD card and place it back in the Atari and switch on.

Bear in mind to switch off the Atari when removing or inserting the SD card.

Thank you for looking at our Atari 800XL – one of the best 8-bit machines ever from the 80’s!

If you have any questions about this Atari 800XL computer or any of the other computers or modifications on our site then please do not hesitate to contact us.


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Weight 5 kg
Dimensions 80 × 50 × 35 cm

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