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Amiga 500 Plus, VERY CLEAN, 2MB CHIP, PiStorm Accelerator 128MB Z3 FAST


This Amiga 500 Plus is a little special. 2Mb Chip, PiStorm Accellerator, 128Mb Z3 FAST

Sold out!

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Welcome to our listing for a nicely repaired and refurbished Commodore Amiga 500 Plus

This Amiga 500 Plus is a little special. We’ve not only repaired all the damage caused by a leaking battery (very common on these plus machines as the battery is fitted to the motherboard), but we’ve also fitted a PiStorm Amiga accelerator.  It means that with a little configuration, you can give your amiga a 68000, 68020, 68030 or 68040 CPU with up to 512MB of FAST Zorro 3 RAM!

PiStorm is a project taking the Amiga world by storm (literally!)  It uses a small board that fits into the Amiga CPU socket and a Raspberry PI 3b to fully emulate any of the CPU’s.  This makes the Amiga run massively faster.  Not only that, it fully emulates RTG Picasso accelerated graphics too. Make your Amiga 500 Plus run faster than an Amiga 4000 68040!

We’ve also Fitted an HDMI output cable with a bracket onto the back of the Amiga to allow you to take advantage of RTG graphics.

The PiStorm will connect to your WiFi network too which means that you can login to your Amiga with a PC running a telnet client and change the configuration when you want.  In addition the PiStorm also has onboard SD card  and the Amiga is configured with Kickstart 3.x and Workbench 3.1 to boot straight from the hard disk image on the SD card.  Also, the PiStorm will act as a clock.  It will update itself over your network and provide the Amiga with date and time services.  No need to put a battery back on the Amiga motherboard.

As this Amiga 500 plus also has a 2MB Fat Agnus chip, and we’ve also fitted a 1MB chip expansion in the trapdoor slot, you have (out of the box) a 68030 CPU with 2MB Chip RAM and 128MB of FAST Z3 RAM (which you can change to 512 Z3 FAST if you really want to).

Now you have an Amiga 500 which will boot straight into a WHDLoad Workbench 3.1.  There are a huge number of games and demos installed on the WORK partition for your enjoyment.

Work carried out:

  • Repaired all damage caused by a leaking battery.  This involved repairing all the damaged tracks around the battery and replacing and socketing some chips around the area.  The tracks were then sealed with lacquer to make sure that no oxidization can happen again.
  • Installed a PiStorm accelerator with a Raspberry Pi 3B with Wifi
  • Kickstart 3.x and Workbench 3.1 with WHDLoad installed and configured onto the SD card
  • Keyboard completely disassembled and all parts cleaned, checked, and reassembled.
  • Cases cleaned inside and out – they are very clean!
  • Supplied with an original Amiga power supply that has been checked and tested.

The only thing that is not supplied is a mouse – you will have to get one.

This is a VERY fast Amiga and looks beautiful – ready for a new home!

There will be an initial setup of the PiStorm card to get it connected to your WiFi network.  Full instructions can be read on the Github page here: or if you need it, just contact us directly and we will help you setup.  Once done, you are set to go as everything else has been done for you already.  It has the latest firmware already installed but can be updated easily with a couple of commands.

Thank you for looking at our listing and if you have any questions, please feel free to contact us.

If you have any questions about this Amiga 500 Plus computer or any of the other computers or modifications on our site then please do not hesitate to contact us.

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Weight 5 kg
Dimensions 80 × 50 × 35 cm

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