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SPECTRUM 48k, Comp Video Mod and BLUETOOTH – Refurbished and Upgraded


Sold out!

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Spectrum 48K – Serial Number: D01-154389
I have added a Bluetooth module to this Spectrum 48K so that you can download many of the free Apps for Android or iOS that allow you to load games into the Spectrum via built in Bluetooth! This does not stop you using a cassette deck, you can still use a cassette deck if you want to.
To use this feature, open the Bluetooth device on your phone or tablet, pair with the JDY16 device (no passcode required) then simply download ZX Play (or similar app for Android devices), search for your favourite game, type LOAD”” on the spectrum and play the file over Bluetooth into the spectrum! If the app you download plays the audio file, it will load. I have tested it extensively with over 50 games with the ZX Play app – every-one loaded first time.
I have also completed the following work:
  • Full composite mod done. This uses a PCB that replaces the insides of the RF modulator so that you can now use the RF phono output and connect it to you TV AV input.
  • Replaced the old +5v voltage regulator for a new DC-DC converter that allows us to remove the heatsink and will let the Spectrum run much cooler with a better power supply to its chips.
  • Fully tested the Spectrum with a diagnostic cart for 48hrs continuously to make sure everything was working properly.
  • Fully cleaned all the cases inside and out.
  • New keyboard membrane fitted – all keys work now!
The case is clean. It comes with the original power supply (capacitors changed and tested).
This really is another nice Spectrum 48k that we are selling from our collection of retro computers.

If you have any questions please contact us.

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Weight 4.5 kg
Dimensions 80 × 45 × 30 cm

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