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Refurbished Sinclair ZX Spectrum + 48K with composite video mod and games


Thanks for looking at our Sinclair ZX Spectrum + 48k computer with PSU, upgraded with composite video modification to work on modern TV’s!

Sold out!


Thanks for looking at our listing for this Sinclair ZX Spectrum + 48k

This really is another nice Spectrum + that we are selling from our collection of retro computers.

RdR Spectrum + SN_150-138402-IMG_5519Issue 6A Board

Work done:

  • Changed voltage regulator
  • Changed all electrolytic capacitors
  • New power socket fitted
  • New keyboard membrane fitted
  • TR4 replaced
  • Video chip socketed and replaced with an LM1889
  • Composite mod performed – replaced the innards of the RF modulator with a PCB that will let you use the RF phono socket on the back of the Spectrum+ to connect to a newer TV AV socket
  • Cleaned the cases inside and out

RdR Spectrum + SN_150-138402-IMG_5520RdR Spectrum + SN_150-138402-IMG_5521It does not come with a power supply but one can be purchased easily through eBay or Amazon.

This is a genuinely nice Sinclair ZX Spectrum + 48k.  Have also included 5 games and the companion guide, none of which have been tested.

Any questions please get in touch!

Additional information

Weight 5 kg
Dimensions 80 × 40 × 30 cm

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