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Rare Dragon 32 computer, refurbished and very clean – one of the first 5000 boards!


Rare Dragon 32 computer with an original Dragon power supply – Serial Number 005993!  Board number: A 004557

Sold out!

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Dragon32-SN_005993-4This is a rare find for any collector.  It was a true shed find!

The serial number on the case is 005993 DG but the motherboard number is A004557 making it one of the first 5000 made at the Dragon factory in Wales.  It’s originally been a 16K Dragon and has been fitted in the factory with the extra 16K daughterboard.  See the article on the Dragon 32 history from The Register.

We’ve not touched this Dragon 32 much – just a good clean inside and out, switches have been lubricated with switch cleaner (power and reset).  The keyboard keycaps have been removed and cleaned along with the keyboard PCB – all keys work flawlessly.  We’ve replaced a few capacitors on the motherboard (the tantalum capacitors) and the 2 adjustable pots were both corroded and replaced with new 10kohm ones.  We’ve tested the other capacitors with an LCR tester and they appear fine.  We really wanted to keep this machine as original as possible.  We’ve also replaced the case screws for brand new ones as the originals were missing.

The power supply is included and after a good clean and test, looks really nice and works just as well.

It’s been thoroughly tested with the Dragon test and diagnostic cart and has had several hours of gameplay (Chuckie Egg is amazing!)

Dragon32-SN_005993-IMG_3595We’ve done a sympathetic refurbish on this Dragon 32 to ensure trouble free operation for another (hopefully) 30 years!

Thank you for looking at our listing and if you have any questions, please feel free to contact us.

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