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Atari 65XE – refurbished with Internal SDrive Simple II SD and original PSU


Atari 65XE Console with Internal SDrive Simple II SD and original PSU, it has the 130XE motherboard inside and has a low serial number.

Sold out!

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This Atari65 XE is one of those 65XE’s that has the 130XE motherboard inside and has a low serial number.


To turn it into a full 130XE with 128K memory, all you need is to populate the remaining 8 empty RAM slots with compatible 4164 DRAM chips, and change the MMU and make a small modification to the board. Contact us if you want more information, or want us to make the modification for you for a fee.

Atari 65XE - SN_A1-010963-20220922_163735

Work carried out:

  • Socketed 8 RAM chips
  • Socketed FREDDIE Chip
  • Socketed both OS and basic ROMS
  • Socketed and replaced PIA chip
  • Replaced all electrolytic capacitors with good, new aluminium types
  • Replaced OS ROM with the high speed SIO patched ROM and applied mods necessary for high speed SIO
  • Socketed the MMU chip

Atari 65XE - SN_A1-010963-IMG_3843We’ve fitted an Internal SDrive Simple II SD card board which sits atop the SIO connector. We’ve fitted the SD card such that it sits above the SIO connector for easy removal.

Comes with original PSU and whilst it works well, we would recommend replacing it with a suitable 2amp 5v PSU which can be obtained through eBay or Amazon.

The case is _Very_ clean. Some keys on the keyboard are discoloured due to sun damage but the keyboard has been cleaned and tested and works absolutely fine. The cases have been cleaned inside and out.

The old tin RF shielding inside the machine has been removed. It was very rusty, and would not fit with the SDRive internal board fitted. The RF Shield is not needed.

The SDrive will not interfere with other peripherals like tape or disk drives. To disable the SDRive, simply remove the SD card. It will be supplied with an 8GB SD card containing a bunch of freely available games from the Internet. If you want to add more, simply pop the SD card into your PC and drag and drop the XEX files onto the SD card and place it back in the Atari and switch on.

Bear in mind to switch off the Atari when removing or inserting the SD card.

Serial Number: 010963

Condition is Seller refurbished.

Any questions then please do not hesitate to contact us.

To learn more about the Atari 65XE check out the Centre for Computing History website.

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Weight 5 kg
Dimensions 46 × 36 × 16 cm

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